Friday, 20 April 2018
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Monday - Friday
10am - 6pm
Late night by appointment

50 Grey Street,
Palmerston North 4414

Ph 06 356 1494

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About xalt.

We are a sports performance clinic founded in 2010 to serve the needs of recreational and competitive athletes, providing them with programmes to a build a body capable of achieving now and for the long term.

Our Vision is to inspire better performance in every body.

Our Mission is to help you prepare properly for your next sports event.

We do this by educating you on how your unique body works
So you can improve your capability to move and live.
And as your confidence grows, so does your belief you can achieve the performance of a lifetime AND perform for life

Studies show that a supervised programme out performs a programme of self- selected activities by at least 33%.

Here's our team:

Barbara Kelly

 barb april 2012

Barbara has helped many athletes perform on the international stage including Golfers Hamish Robertson, Ben Campbell; Hockey Player Emily Naylor, Tri-athletes Ian Christensen, Kieran McPherson, Competition Shearers Matt, Rowland and Doug Smith whom each achieved a world shearing record using Barbara’s programme for endurance sports. She enjoys helping proactive New Zealanders integrate complimentary health strategies into their daily routines.

Barbara is a Registered Massage Practitioner TMA New Zealand. She has a Diploma in Advanced Treatment Massage and Related Health Therapies. She has studied three forms of Kinesiology including Touch for Health, Reactive Muscle Kinesiology and Kinergetics. She has numerous certificates including Sports Theory, Sports Event Management, Practical Sports Performance and Clinical Neuromuscular Therapy.

Her training as a Bach Flower Practitioner proves very useful for athletes nervous about their event. She has a strong interest in Integrative Nutrition which assists many people to understand their unique requirements for nourishment, recovery, body wellness and optimum performance.

Barbara is the Clinic Director of xalt., a strong advocate of the maxim “you can do anything” and believes understanding yourself through sports leads to understanding yourself in life.