Friday, 20 April 2018
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Therapist Training Programme

Three reasons why you would love to do this

You’re a great therapist…

It’s a symptom of our industry - some of the world’s best therapists struggle to make ends meet. It’s hard to comprehend when they are incredibly well qualified, have plenty of clinical experience and love what they do.

How can it be that every day you make a positive difference in your clients’ lives yet somehow still struggle financially?

It is common knowledge that our industry attracts individuals gifted in caring for others; people who are rarely motivated by the level of their bank account. It is also a fact that the professional career span for therapists is on average only 7 years. At Xalt we plan to change all that. The Xalt way ensures great therapists work with a wide variety of clients with best practise methods in a structured way that creates great results for the clients and the therapist.

Top performing business structure

Our Xalt therapist training programme combines advanced communication skills, a unique client education programme with real world business training so you can love what you do and succeed on every level.

Our three part training programme creates the ultimate professional development experience. The programme is suited to qualified, fit, experienced therapists with 3-5 years clinical experience, interested in pushing their career to world standard best practise.  

It’s all about being a successful business person as well as being a successful therapist, because when you can master both, your practice, your confidence and your sense of achievement will all go to a whole new level.

The Ultimate New Zealand Experience:

 Learn, live, explore New Zealand for a minimum of 18 months.  This total immersion programme ensures you learn as you earn, experience the professional development opportunity of a lifetime and rewards your milestones with regular opportunities to explore New Zealands beautiful landscape and outdoor attractions. 


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