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My technique is fine...



My technique is fine...

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Ban backache from your Campsite


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Ban Backache


your Campsite

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Easy to Say, Harder to Do?


golf focus

Easy to say, harder to do?

Maintaining Focus...

two of the best tips from the sport of golf!

 Is to maintain focus easy to say, harder to do? Not really when you have a formula that works for you.

The "how to" around maintaining focus is talked about far less than the need to do it. Essentially it is a matter of steps tailored to the task  which when repeated get easier and easier to do.

This month local golfer Josh Munn dropped back to the big NZ to visit his folks and regroup for his next series of tournaments. We thought you'd like to know how Josh maintains his focus. He had these two best tips to share...

1. Switch ON and Switch OFF: No one can focus for 4 hours straight on the golf course so I switch on and off after and between each shot, deliberately take a mental break to break up the spells of concentration. I'll talk to my playing partners in the group about just about anything else apart from golf so when I get back to the ball to refocus I'm all about the task at hand.

2. Narrow my focus and present in the moment: To prepare for a shot I first narrow my focus by concentrating on something very small in the distance like trees. I find this works really well. Then to stay present in the moment, I only concentrate on the shot at hand. I focus on the keys to making sure I hit a good solid shot.

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