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Achieving symmetry means performing longer, faster, better!



Achieving Symmetry Means Performing

Longer Faster Better!

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Five Xalt Golden Rules


golden rules

Five Xalt Golden Rules...

 Over the years we've worked with some very talented athletes doing some very exciting projects. And we have gathered some insights we like to keep front and centre with anyone we work with. Our Xalt Golden Rules are tried and true and have been tested on the global stage. We hope you enjoy putting them to the test as much as we do....

 1. Nothing new on the day... training is where you practise adapting and perfecting your skills and capability; your important event is where you test the validity of those skills and capabilities. You'll know you've nailed your training if your day out simply puts your body through it's comfortable and familiar regular routine.

2. Back yourself. Don't rely on your support crew for endorsement. Have the discipline to back yourself under all circumstances, even if you're in hostile terrain. If you can't back yourself, you can't reasonably expect someone else to.

3. It's not over till it's over. Even the best prepared athlete on the day can trip over their own shoe lace. Bring your best effort to the table for the whole campaign. Anything, simply anything can happen and usually does.

3. Metrics won't lie. Look eyeball to eyeball at your numbers. An honest appraisal of your metrics holds the key to your competitive advantage.

4. Never stop asking questions. If you don't like the answers you're getting, ask a better question (of a talented person) and never stop looking for someone who can bring light to the situation.

 5. Be teachable if you want better results. No one knows it all, remain teachable and improvement will continue to prevail. If you're performance has stagnated, abandon blame and ask yourself " have I remained teachable?"

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