Friday, 20 April 2018


SPORTS THERAPY as a Thriving Business

How to turn what you love into a business that works...

Xalt presents an exciting opportunity in New Zealand
This thriving sports therapy business seeks two 24 month interns for 2015.
This unique position offers an income, travel and professional development that qualify you to run a Xalt business in your own country.

r1We know what you love...

  • Making a difference by treating people and solving problem. Sports therapy helps others and there is so much need out there
  • Working with the body – it’s such an honest system. 
  • Providing natural treatments; it’s rewarding and satisfying work.
  • Plus the flexibility of being self employed and running your own business...


r2We know what your frustrations are...

  • Sometimes you just wish you could get all your clients to share vision for holistic health.
  • For every client that “gets it” there’s nine others that once you fix them, they go away. These clients could benefit from adopting a healthier approach, yet they lack the commitment to themselves and the chance to make regular visits.
  • Ours is also a competitive environment where it’s hard to stand out amongst all the rest.
  • The better you are at your job; the more dependent your business becomes on you to function. Too bad if you want to take two weeks off to travel, if you’re not there, you’re not earning, your regulars grind to a halt.
  • It’s like you’re being penalised for being good at what you do.
  • No wonder so many people drop out of our industry to earn money another way.

The Xalt internship provides you with the professional development opportunity of a lifetime. 
It’s a practical “learn and earn” opportunity that teaches you how to run a thriving sports therapy business whilst treating people that will also qualify you to run Xalt in your own country.

r3The Solution – The Xalt Way

The Xalt way is a business model that is good for our clients and good for you.

The Xalt way creates a constant predictable cash flow where clients are loyal to holistic approach to health and where they come back every month.

The Xalt way has systems that have marketing, sales, education and finance all mapped out so you can be good at what you do and be financially rewarded.


r4Are you?

  • Passionate about making a difference
  • Exceptional at what you do
  • Committed to helping clients at the highest level
  • Looking for a unique position in the market
  • Interested in running a business that performs for you better than it ever has before
  • In a position to travel to "learn and earn"

Then we have an opportunity for you...

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