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Xalt Success Stories

Read about the success stories of our Xalt family...

Tina Moore


Tina Moore has great commitment to training but small injuries cropped up from time to time to interrupt the training effect and reduce her enjoyment. We changed her approach to nutrition, helped her understand exactly what fuel and when and why, increased her speed and she exceeded several PB's also first woman master home and beating the men. Tweaking her nutrition to suit her particular metabolic capability, increased her speed, improved her sleep. Tailored training and nutrition reduced her desire for midnight snacks, eliminated mood swings... her husbands comment "I've got my girl back!"
She's been able to train consistently with no setbacks and become the athlete she always knew was in there.

Tina's stats:

Tongariro Goat 2.40.30 3rd female, 1st master

Jumboholdsworth 3.21.58 4th female, 1st master

Kaimai Goat 2.30 2nd female, 1st master

Man v's Horse - 1st team

T42 24km adventure run -2.24 3rd female, 1st master

Currently training for Godzone 2017


Leonie Cadman

Waitonga Falls on Mt Ruapehu

Leonie 2
Leonie Cadman, a keen walker, tramper and photographer, had felt exausted just trying to get fit. Suffering from body aches and insomnia at night, Leonie's legs didn't want to move. On programme, matching Leonies body type with nutrition to suit her system gave her a foundation platform she could rely on and train on.
Leonie writes... "with Nick setting me exercises and watching my nutrition, hydration and recovery my body changed, I lost weight, slept better...During the lead up to Christmas I decided to take time out and do a walk. Off I set after work and on a whim headed for the WatongaFalls. The air was crisp and there was a fresh mountain smell in the air. It was nice to take out time by myself. I stepped up all the big steps that I previously would go round achieving the hill with out a stop and trotted quickly along the boardwalk then dropping down the multiple steps to the falls. After a few quick photos I headed off gaining the staircase with out a stop though the boardwalk my heart rate settling and then quickly on down the steps to the car park feeling elated and achieving a record time. 
Thanks so much Barbara and Nick. For me its been life changing!"
Leonie has since completed The Tongariro crossing and continues to combine walks with photography.

Rowland Smith - Competitive Shearing

 Rowland world champ 2014

Rowland had a dream, to be the best in the world. Sheep shearing is back breaking work. It's a physical pursuit like no other. You are doubled over simultaneously exerting the cardio workout of a marathoner, the strength capacity of a power lifter and the speed of a Olympic sprinter. Rowland's experience of "the Xalt way" helps him protect his back and perfect his performance. He understands his unique workloads and has perfected a logical training approach to achieve his goals. His achievements are many... perhaps his pinnacle Xalt moment was his win in the United Kingdom in 2014 where he took out the World Champion Shearing title and achieved the fourth component to his lifetime dream.

NZ Shearing Champ 2016

Golden Shears 2016

Current World Shearing Champ

World Record Title 2011 2Man 8 hour ewe record broken by 80 sheep

Master Shearer Presentation 2017

Carol Cuttance - Marathon

 Carol Cuttace New York 2014

Carol is a quiet campaigner. She enjoys marathon walking and has completed over 8 marathons and over 100 half marathons. That's a lot of events and she hasn't even counted a lot of the half marathons she uses because she says for "they're just for training!"  Some marathons hold a special place in Carols heart, like the New York marathon... Now that's some goal!   All this walking has put a big workload on Carol's feet. Carols sore feet were starting to rob her of the good results and reduce her ability to perform. Gradually they dulled her enthusiasm too. However, those close to Carol knew the athlete inside her was not too far away. Carol was introduced to "the Xalt way" and learnt about her biological blueprint, her unique workloads and a logical approach to her training, nutrition and recovery. Everything her body would need to improve. This combined with her dedication and strong work ethic contributed to her completion of the New York Marathon, her return to the sport of marathon which she celebrated at the time of her birthday, with a tandem sky dive!!!

Carol tandem sky dive 2015

Sarah Proude - Half Marathon

 sarah proude 2015

Sarah has returned to sports activities after years busy raising her family. Sarah enjoys being in events with her family rather than being always on the sideline.,. Sarah pictured here at 2015 Palmerston North Half Marathon with youngest daughter Ella. Since joining Xalt 12 month programme, Sarah has learnt all about her biological blueprint, her unique workloads and this has enabled Sarah to take 6 minutes off her time in her first event for the season, increase her speed throughout the event - her fastest kilometre being her last kilometre! The Xalt way is also helping Sarah regain a full night's sleep, move without any discomfort throughout the day and have increased her capacity to say "yes" when invited along to outdoor activities with her friends.

 John Sandford - Fly Fisherman

John had a dream to get his life back. Years of pain and discomfort was robbing John of his retirement. Somethings about John can't be changed, like the shrapenel logged in many parts of his body, from his years of military service. When John was introduced to Xalt, he couldn't complete the short walk to his mailbox without lying down on the ground and resting before he made his way back. John also had great difficulty getting in and out of the car and sitting or standing for any length of time. His ability to complete daily activity and sleep comfortably through the night was severely marginalised and getting worse. John has worked steadily and consistently on learning to move well, how to recover his body from daily workloads and how to improve the engine on the inside so he can build great tissue and lasting levels of energy. He can now walk to the mailbox and beyond and back without resting, he can sit and stand comfortably and take car rides with minimal stress. He still has shrapenel in his body and in the future would like to return to fly fishing.

Emma Bermingham - Mountain Biking

emma bermingham

Emma is a capable recreational athlete with a passion for multisports. Xalt moments come daily for Emma as she completes her regular mountain biking and trail runs. "The best thing Xalt's taught me" says Emma, "is body awareness, how my body works, getting my body working correctly and now it's really obvious when things don't feel quite right. I also really value the tools to "prevent" a total breakdown. If I even sense even a "twitch" or a change I know I have a tailored recovery in place to make sure it doesn't become more than it should!"